The Enforcement Division trains it’s officers in a multitude of areas which includes firearms, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations (EVOC), the laws regarding use of force, law updates, interviews, and a variety of other topics. The training is regulated by the MN POST board and our officers receive at a bare minimum 16 credits a year. The training ensures our officer’s license status is current, and they are able to perform their duties with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

The training is accomplished with the use of Conservation Officers who volunteer their time and experience to train. The division has a large group of EVOC instructors, Use of Force Instructors, and Academy Instructors.  Also from time to time, officers will be called upon to create training programs based upon their area of interest and expertise.

The training unit exists to provide Conservation Officers the knowledge and tools to perform their jobs in the safest, most efficient manner possible. This training has made the MN Conservation Officer one of the best trained law enforcement officers in the state.